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Often it is useful or necessary to use relations with historical tags, e.g. for complex sites or for listed ensembles as type=site relation.

For Openstreetmappers: Tags should be applied to the relation itself, provided that it is valid for the ensemble.

Single relation members (e.g. a building) can have additional historical tags of their own, e.g. „ruins=yes“.

Relations with historical background of the types type=site and type=collection will be displayed as follows:

The corresponding icon will be displayed in the centre of gravity of the member coordinates, however a bit larger than with simple objects. This requires that the historical tags belong to the relation itself (in contrast to „to the members“). Members with own historical tags will be displayed as usual with normal size. Members without own historical tags will not be shown at first.

On hovering the mouse over the big relation icon, however all relation members will be emphasized with a yellow background.

Upon holding Ctrl pressed and clicking on the big icon it is possible to click on each single relation member (while still holding Ctrl pressed), even on the previously invisible ones, and to open their context menus. Upon clicking the big icon again without pressing Ctrl, the highlighting vanishes.


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